Who is right?

Capitalism Talks To Socialism

Cap/Glo: Hiii dude, how are u ;)
Soc: hi, fine

CapIts long time since we met
Soc: ya

Cap: where were u?
Soc: was on leave, u know i struggled a lot in the past.

Cap: On leave?!! hmmm.....
Soc: hmmm...

Cap: I thought u were under suspension.
Soc: Nice joke. I thought its wise to give way for new commers like u.

Cap: Sorry, I cant agree with you.
Soc: I know you will never.

Cap: It was more like you were forced to take retreat.
Soc: Your proponents troubled me a lot and are trying to
block my reentry.

Cap: Ya, By all means.
Soc: You wont succeed.

Cap: Why?. I cant find any reason.
Soc: You divided my people and your proponents are
extorting my loved ones to no end.

Cap: You and your supporters are trying to create
moutains out of moles.
Soc: You cannot dump us like that.
No more you will be able to ignore our voice.

Cap: Who are your supporters?. Those brutal undemocratic sadist rulers?.
Soc: You are trying to mislead my people.

Cap: That was your strategy, not mine. You insulated people from new ideas and you
acted like custodian of everything and nothing went beyond those so called apostles
of justice.
Soc: You are talking too much.

Cap: Why should I stop?. What is meant is the truth.
Soc: You are agent of the wealthy. Helping them multiply their possessions.

Cap: No, the poor are in a better position than the past.
Soc: Haha.. Is that why ur facing revolt across the globe?.

Cap: Actually they are mislead people and many are terrorists, not peasants,
they are using the poor as cover for their illicit activities. Infact many schemes are
there for the poor, what is happening is ur people are placing hurdles in our way and we are finding it very difficult to implement any of them.
Soc: How can u make these false claims when more than half of the world is starving.

Cap: Then what u have to offer them?
Soc: I would have distributed everything equally.

Cap: Means , u have nothing to offer. Hahaha... Atleast allow me to continue my work.
Soc: I will not allow u to roam like this exploiting my beloved ones.