Big Kings of a Small Kingdom

The Kingdom of GoliathNuts is so small. It has never been to a fight with anyone from days of its foundation.
The kingdom was established by joining together a few counties in the east of the Kingdom of King Goliath.
King Goliath never cared for these small counties. Only a few thousand people lived in those counties and he never got any income from their fields.

GoliathNuts never had a strong head of state. Most of the years it was governed by someone from a distant family of the King Goliath or kin of his friend,
who come Goliathnuts to spend his old age. The people of GoliathNuts always wanted to be heard and recognised as a strong nation.
They want more people to settle in their lands, buissiness to blossom, trades across the boundaries to increase and of course more respectable jobs.

When ever there is any resentment brewing among the citizens, the governor will send a few rebelling citizens to other countries.
The governer will pay the guys from his purse. The remuneration for the work done by his expatriate citizens will go into his purse.
His only fear is the availability of enough people in GoliathNuts to work in the fields. He don't want his dinner to be so poor.

There is always a few nobles around the Governer. Also present is this other kind who never stand straight before the nobles.
They are called Big Kings by the people of GoliathNuts. Because these guys are the only ones who come out of the palace occationally,
to collect the revenues generated in the fields. They usually set the targets for each citizen and beat them up for the Governor.
Most of the Big Kings are being loathed by the people of GoliathNuts. Because most of them only know to proclaim the target and has got no knowledge
on how to cultivate, how to reap. If they go to reap the harvest they are good only in bleedng themselves with the sickle. But when the harvets is collected
they will always be there with a sickle in the hand to present the harvest to the palace. None of the governers ever had a good sight to see the distant
paddy fields and the citizens who work down there through his palace windows. The present governer was sick enough, he was not even able to sit straight
in his throne.
Big kings and their behaviour made the people nuts all the time. Some of them consider themselves as galileos and treats everyone like no one has seen the world
like they did through their bulging glasses. So they always talks about the bad things in the world outside GoliathNuts.
A few other Big Kings treat all citizen alike as illiterate. They never end their talks until someone calls for a meeting with a noble.They are always an endless string of advices.
A third kind of Bing kings are pure liers. They are born with a twisted tounge and they survive with it. From acting like a friend to false reports to the governnor to scratching 
off good stuffs from the reports about citizen who they dislike. Their actions are endless lies sewed together. A few others are true nuts, they became Big Kings by working in
a Noble's garden for so long. During leisure time they fly kites in the Garden, then suddenly the Noble may shoot an arrow from his bed through his window and it hits the kite.
Out of his sympathy the noble gives the kites owner a promotion. A few such promotions makes him a Big King having authority over citizens. Such Big Kings have a problem,
they were always trying and trying hard to please the noble or to get hit by his arrow head. They expect the same thing from the citizens. 
All in all its a nice funny place. No fights with other countires, so no worries of a wipeout.
Once you start missing the targets, try to work in a Noble's garden and plan a hit form his arrow.