Anti/Pro Government Movements and their directions

An assessment.
Any movement or collective action towards a cause have goals often set at the beginning. These struggles take their names either as "pro\anti Goal" suggesting the direction it wants to take.
Once any such movement starts, the ultimate success or the enactment of  the best systems can only be achieved when the movement grows by the accepting the existence of opposite views,
by debating with the opposite views and by educating the opponents where do you stand. Any achievement as a result of any struggle can never sustain in the long term by overshadowing and
overpowering the opponents. 

Anti corruption movements often tend to target the ruling parties or the ministers and people around them for leverage. This approach always helps to garner support in the initial stages.
As there will always be opposition to the government in any democracy. The biggest challenge for anti corruption crusaders or any anti government protesters is to keep their movement from being
hijacked by political opponents of the government. These movements should never be political, they must always remain grass root  social movements.

From ordinary citizens of a country through officials of the government machinery to the power center of the country, our society has a pyramid structure. The common man at the bottom holds the whole
system intact by paying their taxes, working every day, buying and selling goods. Essentially every mass movement or agitation create cracks at the very low level by dividing the opinion of the population.
Once the movement edges towards its goal or moves up the pyramid it must repair the cracks at the bottom levels first, to stabilize itself and the whole system in the new setup.