Humming Birds and The Falcons

In a forest far west of the amazons, there lived a few old falcons.
They colonized a few century old Kapok Tree.
None of them were able to fly too long and stay alone in the forest.
They used to get very little prey from around the Kapok.
Anything they get, they used to share.
The worst thing was that, many new old falcons used to join them day by day.

One day they came together to devise a new strategy to feed themselves.
They decided to be friendly with the humming birds and encourage them to join the Kapok.
Days went by and the Kapok became very a busy colony of Falcons and the Hummers.
The Falcons idea was not to catch the hummers but to feed themselves with the eggs laid by the hummers.

There were so many hummers on the Kapok that they rarely noticed, the lose of eggs.
Gradually the old weak Falcons started enjoying their life with no extra effort and good source of supplies.
Occasionally some of the falcons used to torture unsuspecting hummers.

Days went by, with change in season there came heavy rains and storm all over the amazon.
The old kapok tree started showing its age. It seemed not able to stand the storm for long.
Hummers started getting increasingly apprehensive and worried.
A few of them moved to other trees near by.
Some flew to far away trees fearing the fall of the great kapok may affect near by trees.

Falcons got increasingly worried too.
They cant find another kapok which can host all of them.
They cant join other falcons in far away trees as  they knew they were weak and won't be accepted.
So they decided to woo the remaining hummers from flying away.

When a new storm approaches the Falcons start singing songs.
Some even start dancing on their weak foot to let go of the fear in the hummers.
Still they used to find more and more hummers leaving the great kapok.

Then one day the Falcons came with a new rule.
Those who want to leave the Kapok must stay at least until the season of storms are over.
Many hummers objected to this rules and those who tried to leave were viciously attacked by the Falcons.
But the Falcons soon found out that the Hummers started laying much less eggs than before.

Falcons came together again. 
They knew that their new rules started affecting the moral of the hummers.
Next day falcons came to the Hummers with more lucrative offers.
Falcons offered to carry Hummers to far away places in the amazon, once the storms are over.
Falcons say the Hummers  can enjoy places that they usually will never visit in their lifetime, riding on the Falcons.
Falcons preach that the Kapok is the strongest in all over the amazon and have deep roots.

A few Hummers were still worried about the Falcons, their ability to fly, their promises, etc etc
A few believed in the big Falcons and decided to stay. 
A few never believed in Falcon promises and left.

Storms started getting fierce and fierce.
Kapok started showing its roots above the earth with each violent swing of the storm.

Can the Hummers and the falcons survive?